Coming Up With Brilliant Mathematics Dissertation Topics

When the time finally comes to work on your mathematics dissertation you should always look to choosing and writing on an interesting topic. The following is an effective method used by many students to develop great ideas for gradate dissertation projects:

  • First of all, Push the Envelope
  • This is one of the most common phrases in all of research. But what does it mean when you hear “push the envelope”? -- It actually is a term with a simple relation to mathematics. It refers to how far one can fill an envelope before it bursts. So, in application to choosing a topic you are expected to “push” the limits of your research as much as possible.

  • Second, Apply Your Methods
  • Your math dissertation topic must undergo rigorous testing or methods as it is better known. Remember, that you are encouraged and expected to work closely with your graduate advisor. In this case, you may want to have a serious discussion about your methods and ideas for applying them to a study. He or she might come back with alternatives that can be really helpful.

  • Third, Go Beyond the “Yes” or “No”
  • No matter what your interests are you shouldn’t rely on a topic that can easily be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” Re-word your topic in a few different ways to test whether or not it is too simplistic. You might want to ask a few friends or colleagues to provide you with some advice or give you their opinions before you take the question to your advisor. This way you won’t be embarrassed when he or she breaks down your idea to a simple concept.

  • Finally, Throw Out Tough Ideas
  • And lastly, do not make the assignment any harder than it has to be. If on your preliminary research you find that the topic is simply too difficult to complete given your time, energy, and available resources, don’t hesitate to toss it out. While you do want to push the envelope in some way, it’s not up to you to go too far into uncharted waters.

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