Writing A Dissertation: Step-By-Step Instruction For Newbies

A dissertation is meant to support or back up your academic qualifications hence the need to get it right. The work involved in preparing and presenting this piece of work is a alot yet each step is as important as the other. Effort and wit go hand in hand for you to finally present the work that best represents you and justifies your academic qualifications.

  • Choose Your Topic – Normally, your supervisor will allow you to choose a topic for yourself as long as it is in your field of study. Only in special occasions will a topic will be chosen for you. It is always advisable to have a variety of topics where you can choose from by considering their suitability.
  • Do A Literature Review And Background Review Of The Topic. Literature review as the name suggests, involves reviewing relevant historical materials. The materials you choose should not only help you in writing your dissertation, but also contribute to your discipline. At this stage you can change the topic if you dont seem to get adequate literature to review on the chosen topic.
  • Write the Proposal – This is a forecast of how your complete document will look like only that it does not include actual findings of research. This should form part of your final document and it includes:
    1. Introduction of the topic
    2. Literature review
    3. Proposed issues of study
    4. Research question
    5. Methodology
    6. Bibliography
  • Writing the Main Paper – This is a compilation of all that is in the proposal but in details. It is usually divided into chapters for purposes of simplicity and order. Nothing much is added to the introduction from the proposal. The literature review, methodology are written in details. Methodology should give the details of the methods of data collection and analysis. Your final paper should also include the following:-
    • Data analysis chapter – this chapter includes an account of both your data obtianed from the study.
    • The conclusion of your research is a summary of everything from the introduction but especially the findings. Here you give your unbiased opinions and argument.

Despite the loads of work involved in writing a dissertation, you must not bear the burden alone. If allowed, work in groups and share the work load. Moreover, you can seek help from professionals especially for the data analysis. You will need to pay for the services but it’s worth it.

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