Picking Up Phd Thesis Topics In Financial Management

Having to put together a PhD thesis for a financial analysis dissertation can be a tough enough challenge as is without having to first come up with an original and interesting topic for approval. Some students find this step really simple, but for most it can be quite trying having to look for something that won’t give them too much trouble yet still meets the department’s requirements. We’ve gathered some great PhD thesis topics in financial management created by professionals. Have a look at these and see if any of them pique your interest:

  1. Utilize financial management strategies to identify specific problems in a case study company of your choice, and offer predictions for whether that company can expect solvency.
  2. What are the biggest issues facing insurance companies dealing with large corporations? Are these issues a result of more competitors in the form of young entrepreneurs?
  3. Analyze the business environment of a particular company within any industry of your choice, and evaluate aspects of corporate risk and the business’s risk management techniques.
  4. In recent news, the U.S.-based bank Wells Fargo faced a serious breach of security and now faces further legal problems. How do other large scale banks face similar cyber-attacks?
  5. Examine the causes behind corporate failures and bankruptcies and provide your opinions for remedies that would have prevented these failures and bankruptcies.
  6. What are some of the ways insurance companies will benefit from a national centralized treasury system? Is this a universal for North American countries or are there discrepancies?
  7. How have banks benefitted from securing home foreclosures in the most recent housing bubble burst? What risks did they take that were ultimately negated because of bailouts?
  8. What are the most common factors rating agencies use to know whether small to mid-size businesses can remain solvent in times of economic downturn and low consumer spending?
  9. In what ways are educational businesses becoming the new hot market offering financial stability for online companies? What danger does such a flood of companies starting?
  10. How can financial managers or consultants supplement security against cyber-attacks after the U.S.’s apparent inability to do so in light of foreign attacks from hackers?
  11. Which industries have shown the strongest revenue results and how do financial management styles in those industries differ from others? Is this just a coincidence or predictable?
  12. How early should students begin to concern themselves about financial management issues that could affect their adult lives? Consider the higher costs of education and the cost of housing?
  13. What are the most important skills to have as a financial manager at a small to mid-size business? What are the skills employers at large corporations look for?
  14. What are the functions of a local public financial management business? Does it truly help local businesses succeed in the community or does it cause more problems than do good?

These are just a few dissertation topics in financial management you can find by professional writers. Contact a reliable agency to learn more about available services and to get additional topic ideas.

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