Guides & Tricks For Creating A Top-Notch Dissertation

Writing Help

Look for these rules and study them and then use them to create the work.

Choose a theme

Do not choose a topic because you think that you can find the most "material" or because many students wrote about it. If you choose a topic that is boring and uninteresting, writing could turn into a laborious and lengthy process, even if you plan to rewrite most of it.

Collection and analysis of the literature

Once you've chosen a theme, it is time to find and collect relevant literature and sources that will help you in writing. It can be printed books, but also various materials on the Internet in the form of articles, charts, tables and so on. Do not choke excessive amount of literature - enough will be a few books from which you will draw the most important information.

The organization

The organization is half the work! Once you have collected and analyzed the sources and literature, make the organizational structure of the dissertation, write or draw it on paper, roughly divided by chapters.

Organization of time

Before you begin with the study of literature and writing work, organize your time. Be consistent and diligent and do not make the big break of several days or more. You can specify one day a week as free and other days you can diligently explore and work.

Write instead of copying and rewriting

Many students think that the transcription of other books is the easiest way to write the dissertation. But this is not so. Even if you bypass the ethical aspect, if you enter the text size mechanically and copy from other authors, your work will bean indigestible and artificially created mixture of different styles. You can even get totally rejected work.


It is very likely that your work has some spelling and grammatical errors, and that you are not aware of that at all. Proofreading is the last thing to do before you hand it over. If you correct those mistakes, you won't worry about anything because you will know that there are no errors and that you did everything right.

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